Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twinkle Through the Breeze.



notebookdoodles said...

that's a good quote :)

Mei said...

Your art is wonderful! Love her hair. I especially like the title sequence you did for the Usual Suspects. It's so professional and artsy and suitable :) Where are you from, by the way?

Aimz said...

Thankies for the lovely comments! :))
I'm from Malaysia, Mei... very very far east from you.. :)

Have a lovely day and thanks again for dropping by! ^o^


Soné said...

did you draw this?? your art is really great!
you should open an etsy acount!

Aimz said...

Yes :) Thankies, Sone... I really would love to! But not anytime soon tho :(

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