Saturday, May 1, 2010


"Listen mere beings of this fragile planet:
Life on earth is not forever,
You walk on ground that will not sustain eternity
You breathe in air that flows but a mere moment.
Time around you comes and goes
Like sands of an hourglass
Broken; it slips through our fingers.
What you knew,
What you know,
What you will come to know...
The past, the present, the yet to be,
Only you hold the key.
Realise that not everything is for eternity
Realise that what you have now
You may not one day.
Lift your head, open your eyes, feel in your heart,
Be aware of the moments that you do have
Those who matter most to you
The love and care so freely showered unto you.
Before Eternal casts you away
Before Eternal embraces you
Before Eternal kisses you
Away from this fragile planet."

--Ava Kessy

Hello, lovelies. Just wanted to share a poem from my sis. Hope y'all have a gorgeous weekend!

p/s: This blog may have gone a little off track lately. Bear with me


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