Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing.


Hello my dears. This is going to be a really short post. Firstly thank you all for your sweet comments! :) Sorry if I'm not able to reply, but I do appreciate your visits!
I thought I would be able to post more stuff this week but seeing as it's already Thursday... hmm.
I've been stuck for days on a 3D modeling assignment. And it's been quite frustrating! I'm not so good when it comes to modeling in 3D...
ANYWAY, this little strip is something I did during my final year of high school (which is almost 5 years ago!). Back then it was Paint. Hehe.
Hope you're all having a brilliant week!
And Selamat Hari Raya | Eid Mubarak to those who are celebrating :)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Tales of Fate

This here is my very first animation project back in diploma. It was a group work and basically my first time animating for a short. The project was to produce an animation trailer based on the conceptual art from our previous semester. We decided on the story of one of our group mates and the rest is history. My parts were mostly the layout design, background, ink and color, and small parts of the animation.



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love Is Purple


Hey my dears,
This is part I of today's post :) This a painting I did a year ago.

Oh part II is the post below! Please have a look :) I was waiting for the video to upload so I posted this one up first. But it's updated as the post before so please scroll down a bit :)

L o v e

[this is a continuation from the last post above]

Here are some old and not so old works. I have a little time to spare so I'll be posting more stuff soon! Stay tuned :)

These heart prints are done in the same project as 'Follow The White Rabbit' and 'Siren'

Art,Vector Art


Art,Vector Art


Aahh it's that four letter word. Sometimes deemed to be overrated. But nevertheless such a wonder it is... Like beauty we can never contain; regardless of the many words and phrases we try to make out of it---it is all that, and more. . .

Here's a lil' treat for you guys :)

This was another Typography assignment. We were suppose to pick five words from a list and create it as kinetic typo. Oh, the song is called 'Shh' by Donora. Enjoy!

I love heart shapes. Don't you?


Monday, September 14, 2009

Have A Super Week!

It's 3.59 am. I just finished with a 3D assignment that's been pretty confusing since I started. Constantly having to mentalize which is the left and right controller has made me lose the meaning of the words. My mind is lagging behind 1.3 seconds. Class is at 9am. Let me think of sweet things and pray I fall asleep in less than an hour.

Have a Super Week, peeps! :)


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home :)

This past two days apart from indulging in my assignments I've been having little trips down to memory lane. It seems that I do this often. Well not on a regular basis of course but now and then. I visited my old blog and I couldn't believe how much I used to spill in my posts back then. I know almost anyone would agree how important blogs have come to serve us in our daily lives; People who don't normally write in journals have come to do the same things through blogging; And what a surprising and pleasant find it is most of the time to find what goes through their minds and to discover how different people see and interpret things, and then to find like you've discovered a missing piece everytime you stumble on a page that seems to speak what you truly feel inside. Of course where we used to spill our hearts in our journal that is meant for our eyes only, it's interesting how technology has been able to create this wave of communication between people from all around the globe sharing insights through their own eyes with the rest of the world. Neat. huh? Of course there are the good and the bad that came with the blog era. But let's leave that for another day. I'm on a train of thoughts which seem to be jumping every few seconds.
Anyway, I think I'll be posting a few more stuff from my old blog cause I'd like to have it all in one place really. This blog was actually intended just for my art works, but art is a way of life, no? This is a blog after all. Expression is the name of the game. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a few wordy posts like, lala~

Back to missing home, here are some photos from back home...

This is the dead Tree of Life...

This is one my favorites! It was taken by my mom like 15 years ago! :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Fairy in a Tutu.

I thought she deserved to have a post of her own :) Remember, Faerie Ballerina? She served as my blog background for a while until I decided she was a distraction! Well she's been pouting since I took her out of the limelight. So here's a post dedicated for sweet ol' Fae'Belle (aww look she's smiling again!) =]

Dear friends,
I'm going to be a bit busy over the next couple of weeks. So bear the short posts and some old works in the meantime (if I don't manage to upload any new ones!). Thanks for dropping by and leaving such lovely words of encouragement! I've already got a weeks load of work to catch up on (after falling sick for a week), and I've to focus on my projects for now. But I'll be checking in now and then to keep up to date with you lovely bunch of inspiration out there! :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009



Hello, peeps! I'm finally feeling much better after a week of torment (!). First of all thank you for dropping by and leaving such lovely comments. I'm so delighted! This whole week has been tinkling on my nerves but it has served to remind me of the many things I might have forgotten whilst being caught up in everyday life...

First of all is my health obviously. It's scary how much we take for granted; not knowing that one day there will be no more undoing of the harm (or lack of care) we've done to our bodies! Whether it's binging on our favorite foods, not stretching or taking a break after hours of sitting at the desk or staring into the monitor, or even letting stress get the best of us. Well I'm not here to give out a lengthy lecture for I am guilty of these things myself.

I know that we shouldn't wait for times when we fall sick or when bad things happen for us to realize and be grateful for what we have. But sometimes and more often than not it happens. Even if you are always counting your blessings!

Well anyway, I just wanted to savour this moment and be thankful for what I have (and don't have!) today.

What are you grateful for today? :)

p/s: thank you my beloveds for being there and allowing me to be myself (and loving me anyways!)

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