Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picking Up Stardust.

Here's a Vers Libre from my old blog. Lookin' back just a little. I doodled little Miss Dazed up there one day while waiting for a bus. Have a nice day, peeps!

* * * * * * *
The days they only exist in moments we call 'now'
Yesterday was a dream, tomorrow is a vision
And yet the beauty of memories and dreams lives on.

I wish understanding were enough.
These moments are fragile
I wish i could hold onto them long enough
But tomorrow becomes today
And later becomes now
Yesterday is a distant; a memory.

Overlooking the view from raised grounds
I tap into a moment lost in time
Feelings came rushing in as though they never left
And it felt like just yesterday;
Embraced in good times
And security you wished never let go of you.

One by one, i cut these ties that bind me
Before it is too late
Before it becomes a part of me;
A liberating pain.

It's so easy to say things;
To tell someone what they need to do or should;
To say that this is right and that is wrong;
To condemn; to justify; to find fault;
But what comes next is more than breathing into the air;
Carve ye' thy words out of air?
Or breath ye' forgotten dust into the wind?

New faces fill the days as the moon slowly reveals itself by night
Early dawn when life is still,
The moonlight is a whisper in the breeze;
An eerie longing of a door that leads to a past;
And the shadows cast are nostalgic;
Secrets lie behind those shadows.

Life has been a misunderstood beau;
My muse has gone on vacation
And i stand alone with what's left of her nurturing.
She's smiling from an unmeasured distance
As i tremble for the words
And attempt to bridge meanings;
To look for inspiration in the foggy mirror of dawn;
Or dreams that have seeped into my pillow covers at night;
Or poems that are left by the stain of lip gloss on my early morning milk mug;
I search and I search,
And I am weary.
I'm still searching.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I miss you.

I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been very busy attending to errands I initially unlisted off my holiday plans. Oh well. The only thing I'm bummed out about is my toothache :'(
My wisdom tooth is the culprit. Thought it would be alright in a few days (like it usually would be), unfortunately after close to a week I could barely eat anything required chewing... So, finally I went to the dentist yesterday and got me some med. Hohoho.

I've been feeling pretty nostalgic since hanging around home the past week. My room and all my stuff; the family affair; the cool breezes; the sound of water dripping on mossy pavements after it rains; the blue blue sky (!); the simplicity of the material reality laced with the complexity of the way we live our lives; old photographs; old desires that have seeped into the walls of this home, worn and faded; the dead tree of life; and life oh, life!

Nostalgia is the name of this little painting to the left. I was basically just looking for an inspiration for my Incongruity Project (see last post) so I took out my watercolors and started painting. It's actually inspired by a comic book I was reading. The analogous colors of cityscapes are nostalgic pieces of memory in my lil' head: peaceful, dreamy, empty and yet covered by an unknown (and almost fearful force)...

Bon Appettit! I need to unwind..


Friday, July 17, 2009


It's been very laidback the past few days. Mostly I've been lazing around; waking up earlier than my usual after-the-sem waking hours and doing my Qi Gong; losing myself in my latest read, Outliers; and playing housekeeper :D

Well here's another past semester work which was for an experimental animation project. I was going for a fashion illustration style using the digital cut-out method. I simply love textures! Aren't they just wonderful? :)

Project Title:

It's basically about a character who tries to fit into a fashion-materialistic-mad world to get noticed but in irony when he stops trying he suddenly stands out from the crowd (although perhaps in a peculiar unconventional turn of event!)

A lot of my inspiration came from two of my favorite fashion illustrators, Pierre-Louis Mascia and Jason Brooks.

Below I've posted some stills from the project; some development sketches and some of the final characters. Oh, this first guy down here is the main charcter: Meet Aven :)

He's rather bland and simple. Friendly but naive more like it. "I still don't get it." --Aven

I've actually posted these two stills at my DA page. This is the final look for some of the extra characters.

Below are a few screenshots from the short. I haven't thought of posting up the final clip though... And frankly the animation wasn't that good. I do plan on re-working on it when I have the time (sadly, which is not anytime soon), and I might even have to redo some scenes from scratch as I lost the original files! Enjoy these still clips anyway :D

OK, so maybe being yourself doesn't require you to strip down bare and least not literally. But on the rare occasion... :D

Well guess that's all for now! That's that for this project. Those weeks and months of labor were stressful times but at the end of it I can't say that I didn't enjoy it :) If not for the support and help from my beloved peeps (you know who you are :)) I wouldn't have made it through!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, Sea & Smiles

I'm home : )
Miss the smell of the salty sea =]
Going off grocery shopping in a while! These are some characters from an old assignment: Pop-Out People. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Doodles

Hey, hey =] I have less than an hour to catch a bus to the airport so here I am hoping to post an update! Aahh, I'm feeling all butterflies! A flight crossing over the South China Sea and I'll be home sweet home :)

Okay, so here are some of my old doodles. You might have seen them on my old blog :) Anyway they were all doodled on different occasions over the last 3 years I think. As can be seen I love drawing pretty and neat lines of feminine figures. I have a thing for fashion illustration. But this is just one of the styles I'm most prominent in drawing. I love experimenting. Though I have this constant battle with my perfectionist side (which btw is a straight line made up of short little crooked lines!).

Aaahh, the clock is ticking and I can almost hear the sound of my heartbeats! Enjoy peeps :)

I never really came up with a title for this drawing. But let's just call her Faerie Ballerina for now, ok? Well as you can see she's the same girl posing as the background for my blog. I haven't actually completed the painting but at least she's not as pale as when I just started!

I'm hoping to paint this one soon!!

Oh, peaches and pie! I have to go now! I'll be posting more updates so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello : )

Hello and Welcome to my blog! (Yes, I just had to make another one).

I’ve been in and out of the blogsphere and finally I got myself to create this tiny corner of bits-and-pieces of sparkles I wish to share with y’all out there. I'm still learning so feel free to post a feedback if you like. Enjoy : )

Well, for the first few posts I will put up some of my old arts that I've posted on my previous blog. Then slowly catch up to my recent works. Okie? =]

These are from my photography project 2-3 years ago!

Coaster Design. Inspired by the poem Desiderata.[click for larger view]

Hmm. That's all for now. Be back after this! CheerS

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