Friday, November 20, 2009

Fluffy, Purple & Odd.

I'm BACK to blogging! :D Whee I'm so happy.... :))
It's been a grueling few weeks and this week especially has been the climax of all those M.I.A days in the blogsphere. Aah wells, here I am now. Heehee. Honestly since the term started to get heavy (since my last post) I had barely worked on any piece of art! Just some random doodles to get the funk out of my system on days when things just don't seem to make sense anymore. Well I've got a whole lot of stuff planned for the break so hopefully I'll be able to post them up soon... :)
Oh, I had a Wisdom Tooth extraction 3 days ago! @_@ It was on the upper side, and I was so scared to get it pulled out at first. I mean I can't even remember the last time I had a tooth extraction! I was so tensed that I might have annoyed the dentist cause I couldn't keep still.
Well glad that's over with. Still I might have another extraction in line..... la-la don't know when!
Moving on. Hmm. I guess I'll post again soon. Feel kinda rusty. Oh which reminds me I've missed tons of updates from you lovely bloggers out there! Gah. Will be catching up soon. So in the meantime hope you folks are having a great time!
Miss y'all!

p/s: It's November!! Back when we were little carefree angels, my sibs and I would be sooo excited to get the Christmas Tree out for decorating. Ahhh miss those days : )

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