Friday, August 14, 2009

Musa 3D Model

Hey y'all! Here's a more recent project: 3D modelling! This was last term's work. Mind you, it was my first character modelling! Basically we had to chose an existing model or create one for approval but I decided to play it safe since I was still awkward with 3D... So I chose the character Musa from Winx Club. I've still so much to learn! Kudos*



Ben Clanton said...

very nice! I think you have a natural knack for modeling. Love your art!

Aimz said...

Thanks, Ben! I'm hoping that's the case...hehe. Still a long way to go! ;)

adam k. said...

yup.looks good! you should've seen my first character haha...soo bad

cgwhat said...

nice nice character modeling

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