Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doodles,Tea & Egg Hatching

My eyes are strained. With the help of my red-rimmed computer glasses I sit here typing this post. It's been a long day. And with less hours of eye-shutter the night before I still seem to be going! What a Monday. Must be the tea. fused with loads of inspiration. Inspiration thats yet to materialize. lest I fall asleep that is.

Anyway, I was going through my old idea|observation book and got lost down memory lane for a while. Don't you find it delightful when you look back into your old sketch books and surprise yourself sometimes? Tee-hee. Well I'll be sharing some of those pages in the coming posts...
The weekend was spent going over ideas for our group project. During tea break I made these doodles: rough unkempt lines + a gal with a mission.



Mr. Pinkeyes® said...

Great!:D i like it!

Abz said...

Fun style... and yes, green tea is incredible! mmmm mm!!

come visit me!:)

wendy w. lee said...

Green tea and green dress! Cute drawing!

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