Monday, September 21, 2009

Tales of Fate

This here is my very first animation project back in diploma. It was a group work and basically my first time animating for a short. The project was to produce an animation trailer based on the conceptual art from our previous semester. We decided on the story of one of our group mates and the rest is history. My parts were mostly the layout design, background, ink and color, and small parts of the animation.




Yuri said...

thank you! and you are quite welcome C:

Elise said...

I think they are just great ! Well done

Pixel Wild Child said...

Wow! Great job, I'm impressed! I would love to be able to do animated work too! ;O)

Sonny said...

This is incredibly well done! Wow! I am seriously impressed. :) Maybe we'll be seeing your work in one of the upcoming Disney movies!! :D

PS This week's Tuesday Talent is posted. Please stop by and say hello. :)

Amy C said...

WOW, that's totally cool and must be so much fun to finish a project like that, I would play it over and over again!

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