Monday, September 14, 2009

Have A Super Week!

It's 3.59 am. I just finished with a 3D assignment that's been pretty confusing since I started. Constantly having to mentalize which is the left and right controller has made me lose the meaning of the words. My mind is lagging behind 1.3 seconds. Class is at 9am. Let me think of sweet things and pray I fall asleep in less than an hour.

Have a Super Week, peeps! :)



Sonny said...

Good luck with your classes this week! :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Aimz, Don't I know the feeling!!! You will get through the week I am sure of this. I still have problems with my left and right controllers he he he! You will have this animation assignment down pack!!! Get some rest cutie!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Good that it is over that assignement! ;O) Is that you in the photo? you do look like your avatar, you pretty girl! ;O)

diskgrunt said...

Good luck this week, and be sure to get some sleep! When are you gonna post some of your animation work?

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

Hi Aima!!!

how are you??
I'm so sorry i just replied- been really busy..

how are you??

yes, we are going to have a sweet little girl by January..hhihi I CANT WAIT!!!

your blog is really ice mama, and so is your art..

miss you-take care

Rose Red said...

I saw your animated picture in the comment section of a cheery disposition, and I had to click it.
You are so talented, I love your work.

Have a great day.

setyourselfonfire said...

thanks hun, glad you like it :)

Pixel Wild Child said...

Thank you for your nice comments!
My birthday is on the 29th September. I am a libra and I am very proud of it... we are the best aren't we? hihihii ;O) Kisses!

Soné said...

hey sweeti! :) thanks for the compliment but it's not actually photo's of me, i wish though lol! it's a girl in austria! :) oo your blog is growing ! :)

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