Thursday, September 17, 2009

L o v e

[this is a continuation from the last post above]

Here are some old and not so old works. I have a little time to spare so I'll be posting more stuff soon! Stay tuned :)

These heart prints are done in the same project as 'Follow The White Rabbit' and 'Siren'

Art,Vector Art


Art,Vector Art


Aahh it's that four letter word. Sometimes deemed to be overrated. But nevertheless such a wonder it is... Like beauty we can never contain; regardless of the many words and phrases we try to make out of it---it is all that, and more. . .

Here's a lil' treat for you guys :)

This was another Typography assignment. We were suppose to pick five words from a list and create it as kinetic typo. Oh, the song is called 'Shh' by Donora. Enjoy!

I love heart shapes. Don't you?



Pixel Wild Child said...

I love heart shapes too... well, I think we all do! ;O) I especially like the second image

deciphertheday said...

Hey Aimz

What a great video - I wish I knew how to animate! As always your work is so lovely and sweet!


Nora Ringo said...

wow, amazing!

Trantow said...

the video is very nice :O

♥ tuğçe♥ said...

yeahhhh really great

Abz said...

These are really awesome! very creative and fun...

thanks for stopping by!

virglee said...

You're awesome at what u do!!!! I bangga ^^!!

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