Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picking Up Stardust.

Here's a Vers Libre from my old blog. Lookin' back just a little. I doodled little Miss Dazed up there one day while waiting for a bus. Have a nice day, peeps!

* * * * * * *
The days they only exist in moments we call 'now'
Yesterday was a dream, tomorrow is a vision
And yet the beauty of memories and dreams lives on.

I wish understanding were enough.
These moments are fragile
I wish i could hold onto them long enough
But tomorrow becomes today
And later becomes now
Yesterday is a distant; a memory.

Overlooking the view from raised grounds
I tap into a moment lost in time
Feelings came rushing in as though they never left
And it felt like just yesterday;
Embraced in good times
And security you wished never let go of you.

One by one, i cut these ties that bind me
Before it is too late
Before it becomes a part of me;
A liberating pain.

It's so easy to say things;
To tell someone what they need to do or should;
To say that this is right and that is wrong;
To condemn; to justify; to find fault;
But what comes next is more than breathing into the air;
Carve ye' thy words out of air?
Or breath ye' forgotten dust into the wind?

New faces fill the days as the moon slowly reveals itself by night
Early dawn when life is still,
The moonlight is a whisper in the breeze;
An eerie longing of a door that leads to a past;
And the shadows cast are nostalgic;
Secrets lie behind those shadows.

Life has been a misunderstood beau;
My muse has gone on vacation
And i stand alone with what's left of her nurturing.
She's smiling from an unmeasured distance
As i tremble for the words
And attempt to bridge meanings;
To look for inspiration in the foggy mirror of dawn;
Or dreams that have seeped into my pillow covers at night;
Or poems that are left by the stain of lip gloss on my early morning milk mug;
I search and I search,
And I am weary.
I'm still searching.


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