Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Doodles

Hey, hey =] I have less than an hour to catch a bus to the airport so here I am hoping to post an update! Aahh, I'm feeling all butterflies! A flight crossing over the South China Sea and I'll be home sweet home :)

Okay, so here are some of my old doodles. You might have seen them on my old blog :) Anyway they were all doodled on different occasions over the last 3 years I think. As can be seen I love drawing pretty and neat lines of feminine figures. I have a thing for fashion illustration. But this is just one of the styles I'm most prominent in drawing. I love experimenting. Though I have this constant battle with my perfectionist side (which btw is a straight line made up of short little crooked lines!).

Aaahh, the clock is ticking and I can almost hear the sound of my heartbeats! Enjoy peeps :)

I never really came up with a title for this drawing. But let's just call her Faerie Ballerina for now, ok? Well as you can see she's the same girl posing as the background for my blog. I haven't actually completed the painting but at least she's not as pale as when I just started!

I'm hoping to paint this one soon!!

Oh, peaches and pie! I have to go now! I'll be posting more updates so stay tuned :)

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