Friday, July 17, 2009


It's been very laidback the past few days. Mostly I've been lazing around; waking up earlier than my usual after-the-sem waking hours and doing my Qi Gong; losing myself in my latest read, Outliers; and playing housekeeper :D

Well here's another past semester work which was for an experimental animation project. I was going for a fashion illustration style using the digital cut-out method. I simply love textures! Aren't they just wonderful? :)

Project Title:

It's basically about a character who tries to fit into a fashion-materialistic-mad world to get noticed but in irony when he stops trying he suddenly stands out from the crowd (although perhaps in a peculiar unconventional turn of event!)

A lot of my inspiration came from two of my favorite fashion illustrators, Pierre-Louis Mascia and Jason Brooks.

Below I've posted some stills from the project; some development sketches and some of the final characters. Oh, this first guy down here is the main charcter: Meet Aven :)

He's rather bland and simple. Friendly but naive more like it. "I still don't get it." --Aven

I've actually posted these two stills at my DA page. This is the final look for some of the extra characters.

Below are a few screenshots from the short. I haven't thought of posting up the final clip though... And frankly the animation wasn't that good. I do plan on re-working on it when I have the time (sadly, which is not anytime soon), and I might even have to redo some scenes from scratch as I lost the original files! Enjoy these still clips anyway :D

OK, so maybe being yourself doesn't require you to strip down bare and least not literally. But on the rare occasion... :D

Well guess that's all for now! That's that for this project. Those weeks and months of labor were stressful times but at the end of it I can't say that I didn't enjoy it :) If not for the support and help from my beloved peeps (you know who you are :)) I wouldn't have made it through!

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