Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas & Shooting Stars.

Hello :)

I hope you dears had a lovely Christmas!

I finally get to take a break today from all the busy-buzzy-ness of the past week. But this final week of 2009 seems to be quite packed as well. Huhu. Well today I finally have the time to post an update. Hee.

Christmas was a small gathering at my grandparent's this year. Something we haven't done in a looong time. It was nonetheless merry even though there wasn't the annual planned activities. We had guitars and aspiring singers (ahem!) singing oldies and carols. A scrumptious meal. And loads of whimsical laughter. The cousins and I even managed an hour of stargazing. We saw two shooting stars! Hee.

On Christmas morning we (a family troop of eleven) had a small hike to Aki and Nina's fruit orchard to hunt for some tarap, durian, and rambutans! Fresh fresh mountain air~ :)
Later that late afternoon we did some cycling rounds. It was sooo fun! I haven't cycled in ages...! We left that night then left again at 5am the next morning for another 2 hour ride to a wedding... Well that's all for now. Will continue again in the next post! In the meantime here are just a few snaps taken at the grandparents :)



Have a gorgeous week peeps!


Michael St. James said...

wow...sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics! lovely blog!


Sabrinaesse♥ said...

Merry Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays

laine.lwk said...

merry belated-christmas and a happy new year tomorrow dear! lovely photos. i do hope you have had fun, and is gonna have more! best wishes!

ps: it is so nice to still be able to view paddy fields ya? xoxo

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