Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's No Rush. Hush Hush.

Photos from an outing with the sibs and cousins few days ago :)

Yesterday my baby sis and I attempted to fly a 15minute-homemade kite. It never made it to the sky :( But it was hilarious. I felt like a kid again. Lil' bro was there to support us with more laughter. Tee-hee. The kite fell into the sea and got soaked. Aahh but all the laughing made up for the failed attempt! We're gonna try again tomorrow. Maybe. Whee :)


p/s: There's gonna be a lot of photo log posts for a while. Still a bit caught up with some errands. I'll manage a few art posts as soon as I can!



Finie Ramos said...

Happy new year!

Zud said...

Who's that cute tall guy in black shirt?! He's hot! Hehehe... Vanity.

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