Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emotional Rehab.


What are you running from? ...Or to?
Hello. I am still alive. My blog is not so.
I've been running. Running from myself. To myself. And for myself. I'm tired. So much fills this little head of mine. There's so much and yet nothing to say. I've been looking hard at the person in the mirror. Some days I haven't the courage to face her. Some dreams die. And so new ones are born... But right now it is quite dark. Fumbling my way through unfamiliar territory requires me to abandon all familiar ways of navigating and handling. But letting go isn't always easy. And yet there is pain in growth too sometimes. I am humbled. I am re-learning to trust in my steps. Finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Let me do this a step at a time.

I am recovering. Slowly but surely. Don't rush me.

If you're wondering what recovery I'm talking about, it's spiritually, mentally, emotionally. I'm sure we all go through this from time to time in our lives. Right now, this is where I am.

Is there anything in your life that needs healing right now?



Pixel Wild Child said...

Nice to hear from you babe! I missed you too! :O) Answering to your question I think there is always something that needs healing in our life... especially if we are women... cos we really complicate our lifes to much sometimes with too much thinking, isn't it? :O) But it is ggod to stop somethimes and think and see the things from different perpectives... it helps us growing and understanding and loving ourselves more and more... A big kiss for you! Hope you will come out of this happier and stronger than ever!

Amalia K said...

Dear Aima, I hope you find strength in whatever it is you're going through. I'm sure we've all been faced with situations like yours at one point of our lives and in my case, friends and time were my saviors. There will always be light after dark, so keep your chin up, things will get better at the end. Thank you for stopping by, it's always good to see a new friend... (^_^)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Spiritually, that is such a wonderful question. This is a great illustration and something to really take a look at. Very inspiring and makes me ask myself that same question. There is so much in my life that needs healing and rest for that matter. We as artist sometimes just can't keep going and going without some rest mentally. People tend to think that drawing isn't hard work and I am here to tell them otherwise. It's very hard work and can cause burn out inspirationally, emotionally and physically as well. We all need to stop running at some point and rest and be renewed through encouragement, meditation and prayer and alone time. I agree with you. Great post.

Small Sweet Steps said...

There is always healing that needs to be done. The most important thing is that you nurture yourself, your whole self...and what a beautiful self you are.

Love your blog!!!!!!


laine.lwk said...

dear Aima,

this is a gorgeous post (i dont know if that is the correct word, tho).

i think there is no need to rush to get, or to let go of anything. the universe conspires whatever it has to now, and only now. the future's not ours to see, and i think healing of whatever takes place in every single breath we take.

you are not alone, im sure! i need healing from a lot of things a lot of time ;)


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