Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear C.

Dear C.,
It's funny how much I love and hate you at the same time
You greeted me a mere 17 year old
Eager to explore the unknown and the new
While I was too busy making acquaintances I barely noticed you
But you were watching me, always have been, still are
As paths crossed and ties grew deeper you became more foreground than background
You reminded of things I wanted to remember, and things I didn't want to

Dear C.,
I resent the days and nights you used to haunt me
Or rather taunt me
When you reminded me of how fragile things are
Or how ephemeral we all really are
You've witnessed me at ends wit fighting for a losing battle
You've watched me learn things the hard way
You've seen heartbreaks and remorse
But you've also seen the jovial heart of a youth smiling against all odds
And most importantly, you've watched a tiny sprout blossom, a process that is never-ending

Dear C.,
When I was at loss I cursed you and despised you
You were like a big yellow post-it stuck to my forehead that I couldn't get rid of
And yet when the nights are cold and the world is out of whack you seem to be a silent comfort
Telling me it's not really that bad as I sip warm tea watching you by the balcony;
Reminding me that change is constant; it may or may not be obvious but given the time and space, change is felt

Dear C.,
Although you may never be as grand as dusk by the sea, it's not that you are any less worthy
You are just different
And that makes you, YOU
And sometimes that takes looking at you in a different angle
An angle free of judgement, assumptions, and expectations

Thank you, for although many earthly things are not as durable, I know you are--despite the many changes etched in the sky


p/s: remember how you were at the age of 20? how much has changed since then?


Abz said...

Thank you so much for ur comment! :) Loving these pictures! very awesome lights!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely pics and letters, darling... very heart-felt!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

These pictures are so awesome!

emma said...

wow! i love your pics <3

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