Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growth That Can't Be Seen Is Still Growth.

A shot of yesterday morning's clear blue sky. The exact opposite of what I felt when I woke up this morning. For the first time since I began the first day of the year, I rebelled against myself and woke up much later than usual. I tossed and turned in bed the night before carrying with me the weight of the world to sleep. I was overwhelmed merely by the thought of the many tasks I need to start tackling in the coming weeks. I woke up suddenly at 9am when I thought I heard someone call my name from outside. At that moment I knew I was alone at home. So I was on guard at a millisecond upon disconnecting from dreamland. I peered out the window. No one. Not a soul. I sat up in bed replaying the memory of sound I thought I had heard. I dismissed it as part of my dream. Hmm.

I'm feeling much better now after starting the day with a pleasant breakfast and a good book to read. Sometimes you do lose sight of what's important. Now and then I'd take a step back and remind myself that I have come a long way. It's so easy to forget that once upon a time you would've given everything to be where you stand today. Instead of being grateful we often torment ourselves and think about the next thing we don't yet have. It'll just be like passing life by if we don't stop every now and then to appreciate how much we've grown.

Some growths are not immediately visible to our eyes. Although I'm the kind of person who "knows" that Rome wasn't built in a day, there are times when not seeing immediate results can be really discouraging. This is perhaps something I need to remind myself every day, that instead of worrying about the end results I should just focus on what I can put into each day. Every day. A step at a time.

A neighbor's pup. Isn't he a cutey? :)

Hope your week is going well!

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virglee said...

Missing U HEAPSSSSS!!!!!!! mwahx.

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