Friday, January 15, 2010

The Courage To Be Imperfect.

Here are some snaps of the past week. Although I'd have to say this week itself is coming to an end. I've been procrastinating on this update. So much has been going on. Internally and outwardly.
It's been raining this past 5 days. The air is cold and a little more salty. The sound of raindrops fall like sacred prayers. Senses are a little more heightened. Little things that go unnoticed are suddenly in the foreground. It's like bullet time. Now and then it's like slipping into the invisible world that's every bit as significant as the one we can touch and see.
Most evenings I'd go for a walk with either sibling to catch the sunset. Those moments feel so fragile. At every second colors are changing, clouds are becoming, and the light cast on the ocean canvas is constantly in motion. The sun sinks at a rapid pace that you can only catch when you blink your eyes. It leaves in a grand exit. And as if the universe could tell exactly what it is you're feeling, the sky is filled with colors that paint that feeling you could never quite put into words.

I remembered a time when I used to refer to my cousins and sibs as the happy-little-people. During badminton weekends they used to be running around outside playing their own games while the adults had their badminton matches in the hall. We (yes, I would join them the leader!) would play "What Is The Time Mr. Wolf?" and "Mama Ayam"... That was years ago. Today they're all indoors sparing with the adults and looking less and less like the little bunch who used to look up to me (
Sigh. Sometimes I just can't help it.

Hope you dears have a splendid weekend ahead!


Soné said...

hey hun! thanks for your lovely comment! yes i am so not into monday today grr! although its always nice to find beautiful inspiration! your blog has grown quite a bit, thats awesome! Yeah that t-shirt competion will be posted on 5th of Feb I am so excited i'm going to have to buy one! :)
take care!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I just loved reading your post. So very open and honest. The pictures are terrific and oh soooooooo beautiful and very moving! Very well said and done.

Gina Dulcie Kissey said...

omg! i totally miss it tooo ;(((((

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